About Us

Welcome to the Artichoke Café! We strive to serve the best cuisine in the new American style by using the finest, freshest, seasonal ingredients, combined with classic French cooking techniques in an elegant relaxed environment.

We're Pat and Terry Keene, owners of the Artichoke Café in Albuquerque's historic EDO neighborhood. We are proud to have built Artichoke Café over the last 28 years into a successful family business and an integral part of the local community. With Pat as the Head Chef and Terry as the Head of House, we have worked hard to create a neighborhood restaurant that offers the best fine dining experience in our city.

Pat is a New York City-trained chef, and she and Terry together have owned and operated successful restaurants around the country. The food at Artichoke Café is heavily influenced by the availability and seasonality of quality ingredients. Terms like 'farm-to-table' and 'organic' are now so ubiquitous it can be hard to remember a time when no one thought about that! These concepts have always been important to Pat, and the Artichoke Café has embraced local, seasonal, organic cooking during the three decades that we've owned it. 

Over the years, Pat's role as Chef has evolved, and she now takes a more hands-off approach to the cooking, but works closely with Artichoke's Executive Chef, J Martin Torrez, to create new flavor profiles and dishes. Together, they experiment with fresh ingredients to create both seasonal dishes and perennial menu items that have quickly become new favorites.

Along with our commitment to great service and farm-to-table dining, we work to support our community however we can. After taking over the Café in 1989, we became heavily involved in the revitalization of our neighborhood. Along with other businesses in the community, we supported the redevelopment of historic Albuquerque High School, along with other projects to help this area grow. In our early days, we offered our blank walls as a place for local artists to show their work, which has led to a 28-year relationship with New Mexico artists and arts organizations.

Thank you for your interest in the Artichoke Café. We hope you'll share our passion for great food and fine dining, and come join us for a meal soon!